Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Catharine Williams
I had two driving instructors before I went to Tony and I was very nervous on the road and reluctant to change from second gear. Luckily, I was recommended to Tony's driving school and was really happy. Not only did I become more confident but also really enjoyed my lessons. Thanks to Tony's patience and help, I passed my driving test first time with only one minor and would definitely recommend him to anyone! Catharine :)

Ollie Wright
I chose to learn with Tony because he was recommended by a lot of my friends that all passed first time, with less than five minors! His lessons were very relaxed and easy. So after taking lessons, my test was booked. I passed my test first time with just four minors, Thanks Tony! :)

Rich (Tring)
Tony is a great instructor. He gave me the confidence to keep driving, even though I was unsure if I could do things I was trying. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone I know.

Nick Greenbank
Tony is an excellent driving instructor! When learning to drive with him, he makes you feel comfortable and confident and will know exactly when you are ready and comfortable to put in for your test. Tony is very patient and you learn at a pace that is very smooth, but also pushes you to drive the best of your abilities. He is thorough enough in the lessons to cover every single thing needed and respects each and every one of his students with a friendly attitude. I would recommend absolutely anyone to learn with Tony, because not only is he an excellent instructor but he has a very good pass rate and I also passed first time like a good number of his other students.

Laura Wyatt
I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Tony, he made all my lessons fun and enjoyable and managed to stay calm regardless of how bad I was! I would recommend Tony to everybody who wants to learn. Thanks Tony!!

Joe Shipperlee
I am glad i chose Tony as my driving instructor as he makes every lesson enjoyable and always keeps you confident. He will always make sure you are at the right level before doing your test aswell. I would and have recommend Tony to everyone as he is a great instructor and his pass rate speaks for itself! cheers Tony

Kelton Jones
After learning with an instructor who didn't want to put me in for my test (Ever), i choose Tony and he got me up to scratch quickly. Tony gave me the confidence i needed to pass first time, i would and already have recommended him to friends and anyone else who wants to learn.

Danielle Lewis
I heard about Tony through one of my friends that he had taught, ive been having all of my lessons with tony and enjoy every one of them even if he does nag at me :), he's a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone, he's patient and push's you to be the best driver you can. His pass rate is brilliant which is a bonus :). Thanks for all your help Tony Danielle

Paul Minter (Hemel Hempstead)
I chose Tony as he has taught many of my friends at Hemel School as was highly recommended. I found the lessons were structured and always enjoyable. Tony was always enthusiastic and punctual and made my tuition a positive experience. I managed to make steady progress from my very first lesson right through to my test and beyond. I have now done a Pass Plus course with Tony. This has given me extra valuable tuition and has the bonus of giving me insurance discount. I would recommend this course and Tony to everyone.

Amy Banks (Hemel Hempstead)
I have really found my confidence driving with Tony, after struggling with my first instructor Tony really put me back on my feet. He has given me easy reference points to use in the car so even the scariest manoeuvres are easy! He is calm and very reassuring. But the best thing is, although Tony wants you to pass "first time" he wants you to learn to "drive" and drive safely which should ALWAYS be the number one priority for any instructor!

Gemma (from Tring)
I found Tony to be an excellent driving instructor. From my very first lesson he made me feel completely at ease behind the wheel. The LDC method of learning that Tony uses is fantastic, it means you can spend all of your lesson driving! The books and DVDs are very helpful when you are coming up to your test, even if some parts can seem a bit dated!

I have recommended Tony to all my friends and family who do not drive as he is a very good instructor! I started lessons with him in August 2008 and had passed my test first time by Christmas!